DonLevy Laboratory Inside and Outside

Methods And Accreditation

DonLevy Laboratories performs microbiological and chemistry testing on samples submitted by food processors from many segments of the food industry. Testing is performed using methodologies adapted from reference methods by AOAC (OMA/RI), APHA (CMMEF/SMEWW), FDA (BAM), USDA-FSIS (MLG), and USP (NF/Monographs).

DonLevy Laboratories Certificate No. AT-2613DonLevy Laboratories is accredited through ANAB for the following scope items (View ANAB Certificate Number AT-2613 by clicking on the logo):


• Aerobic Plate Count
    — FDA-BAM Ch.3 (Pour Plate)
    — AOAC-RI 051702 (Microfilm)
Campylobacter species
    — USDA-FSIS MLG Ch.41 (Multiplex PCR)
• Total Coliform and Generic E. coli
    — FDA-BAM Ch.4 (Pour Plate)
    — FDA-BAM Ch.4 (MPN)
    — AOAC-RI 051702 (Microfilm)
• Enterobacteriaceae
    — CMMEF Ch.8.62 (Pour Plate)
E. coli O157:H7, EHEC, STEC
    — AOAC-RI 100701 (Multiplex PCR)
Listeria species
    — FDA-BAM Ch.10 (Cultural)
    — USDA-FSIS MLG Ch.8 (Cultural)
    — AOAC-RI 030502/050903 (BAX PCR)
    — AOAC-RI 021201 (Multiplex PCR)
    — AOAC-RI 061503 (Atlas PCR)
    — AOAC-RI 041401 (DETECT/L)
Listeria monocytogenes
    — AOAC 2003.12/AOAC-RI 080901 (BAX PCR)
    — AOAC-RI 021201 (Multiplex PCR)
Salmonella species
    — FDA-BAM Ch.5 (Cultural)
    — AOAC 2003.09 (BAX PCR)
    — AOAC-RI 100701 (Multiplex PCR)
Staphylococcus aureus
    — FDA-BAM Ch.12 (Spread Plate)
• Yeast and Mold
    — FDA-BAM Ch.18 (Pour Plate)
    — AOAC-RI 051702 (Microfilm)


• Ash
    — AOAC 923.03 (Furnace)
• Fat
    — AOAC 960.39 (Soxhlet)
• Moisture
    — AOAC 925.45A/925.09 (Gravimetric)
• pH
    — AOAC 981.12 (pH Meter)
• Protein
    — AOAC 2001.11 (Kjeldahl)
• Water Activity
    — AOAC 978.18 (Dew Point/Capacitance)

DonLevy Laboratories has participated in the AOAC microbiology laboratory proficiency program since October 1998 and has consistently performed well within the acceptance ranges. The quarterly results of this check sample program are available upon request.

DonLevy Laboratories currently holds approved microbiology laboratory status from numerous Fortune 500 companies. The USDA Agriculture Marketing Service has accepted DonLevy Laboratories as a certified laboratory in the Approved Laboratory Program for Microbiological Testing of Frozen Cooked Diced Chicken for School Lunch and other Domestic Food Assistance Programs.